From 0 to 179k in just a few short weeks

28 May 2017 | Matsele

For whatever reason I thought #MapLesotho was for selected few. This all changed when I was called to a workshop in February to provide information and logistical support for a localised planning effort in Motsekuoa. Along with some others, I was asked to go out on the ground and mark some field papers with the type of buildings and roads that were there. A young patient beardie affectionately referred to as Thabo Corley joined us and showed us how to capture each of them. We updated the maps on hand with what was actually on the ground i.e existing roads, residential/ commercial buildings with the assistance of the MAPS.ME application and Mapillary. 

When I got to Maseru I found people all staring intently at their laptops and thought “oh my Budha, how intense.” But all they were doing is using JOSM to map, and #QGIS to use the data they were making to create Planning standard maps for Motsekuoa.

Our young beardie was more than willing to show us the ins and outs and unleashed all his mapping might on us and i was hooked.Funny enough the mapping sessions were easy-going and of course my fellow sassy mappers’ relentless humour kept me going back.

I formed part of an amazing team of Physical planners, Assistant Physical planners and Landuse Planners and together we produced a draft local area plan for Motsekuoa. Unbeknownst to me the #maplesotho bug had bit and I must say it isn’t too shabby. See my node count now at 179 thousand nodes here

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