Putting Lesotho on the map

Since 2014 over 800 volunteers have been putting Lesotho on the world map. The project was born out of a need for a free, open and accessible spatial data shared beyond or within Government agencies in the Kingdom of Lesotho. MapLesotho has been changing this rapidly and is continuing to reinforce Lesotho as Africa's most mapped country on OpenStreetMap.

Part 1: A guide on how to digitize using QGIS and OSM data

29 October 2017 | by fifiqn
Welcome to the first part in my short series on how to digitize using both QGIS and data from OSM. This guide is aimed at spatial planners based in Lesotho, don’t be afraid though no matter your background you’ll be able to follow along.
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We're now on Phase 3 of the mapping, check out the progress!

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Weekly Numbers

Weekly numbers for various feature types, thanks @neogeografen

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