The Aftermath of another 24 Hour Mapathon

14 May 2017 | DeBigC

Often, these 24 hour mapping sprints can be draining, to the point that we blog about them the following week after they are done. We blogged about this mapathon previously, just for the build up. But until the sleep patterns returned few of us had the clarity to undertake this.

The result was that five hotosm tasks in Lesotho leapt ahead in their completeness by about 6% overall, which is impressive considering that they have taken a year to do. The average position with regards to completion is now 91%, while 56% is validated. 

The mapathon day (and night) produced over 384 thousands nodes. Considering that there was more of an emphasis on quality, and that several of the students at Portmarnock School were in exam mode and couldn’t participate, this is a handsome return. It was also great to see a hard core of “12 apostles” mapping in Maseru for the 24 hours.  


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