#Maplesotho QN’ s success

07 September 2016 | FIFIQN

Qacha’s Nek celebrates victory when QN Analysis kombat, the analysis team from Qacha’s Nek was presented a winner in the analysis month competition. QN Analysis Kombat members, Fifiqn, Stanley Makhanya and MontshiQn, and Topsqn (a behind the scene member) dedicated their all when they were confronted with this competition. This competition was an uphill climb for them, it hurt their heads a lot but in the end, it was all worth it when they won themselves a prize of a limitless month’s internet. QN Analysis Kombat wishes to thank the following people:

  • Fifiqn the team manager who worked tirelessly and drove her team towards this victory.
  • RustyB, who was always available to lend a helping hand here and there at any given time of the day.

QN Analysis Kombat, again thanks RustyB since this competition introduced them to other interesting and new things like how to commit repositories using a markdown format in github, how to create, open and use gists also in github and how to interact using slack, a very interesting application which is like whatsapp but even better since one can even add “code snippets” so that they appear as they should, something whatsapp cannot do I think. QN Analysis Kombat’s team members, worked till late ours, they googled, they read a lot and they consulted in order to achieve all this greatness. In the end, out of this competition, a lot of knowledge and skill is acquired. QN Analysis Kombat wishes to thank all those who congratulated them upon their victory.

#Maplesotho, this is one project we are proud of, that brings out our inner hard worker.


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