#Maplesotho. Qacha’s Nek’s yet another success

07 September 2016 | FIFIQN

presenting the completion of the task #1942 of the Qacha’s Nek district detailed mapping, the first district to 100% mapped. Qacha’s Nek Assistant Physical Planners (APPs), would like to pledge their gratitude to the following people; Andrewbuck, Autre for Nepal, DebigC, Greenmtdave, RustyB and Tshedy for their most valued support making up the 13.5% of the contribution towards the completion this task.

Mapping this task was a real deal and a great adventure for QN Mappers (APPs). It was not an easy road but it came with positive factors like the much appreciated outside help mentioned above and the never ending courage they received from the DebigC . all this helped them to overcome any obstacle. QN Mappers(APPs) would also like to recognize her Majesty the the Queen of Maplesotho A.K.A Tshedy, for being their inspiration. “we want to be a bunch of you.”

QN Mappers namely; (MontshyQn, FifiQn, Topsqn, Mabatho and Stanley Makhanya)

showed great team work and extended much dedication which lead towards the successful completion of this task. Not leaving behind MontshyQn who has claimed a leadership position by throwing in the 28% contribution. —> way to girl, keep up the good work.<—

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