Mappy Birthday #OpenStreetMap as #MapLesotho hits the #Lesotho Embassy Dublin

13 August 2016 | debigc

OpenStreetMap is now 12 years old, and the birthday is being celebrated at the Lesotho Embassy, Dublin. Of course, as usual everyone is mapping and OSM Ireland are participating. The opportunity to use the embassy as a mapping venue should be credited to his Excellency Paramente Phamotse, who is Ambassador to Ireland, but also the nordic countries. Paramente is a former Geography and Mathematics teacher, so openstreetmap is, … well…. right up his street.

Mapping Lesotho Style with Mokorotlo Hats


The Flag of the Kingdom of Lesotho flying in Dublin

This is not the only event happening today. Indeed there are seven other venues celebrating in the same way. The Copenhagen venue are going to synchronise with Dublin on a Google Hangout which is here. This will be focussed on Mapillary, and doing a bit of mapping using the 50,000 plus Mapillary images now available in the kingdom.

Dave Corley, himself responsible for 20,000 of these images, showed those in Dublin and Copenhagen how to use the Mapillary images to tag buildings and spot other public realm infrastructure not visible from satellite images.

Even better is the news that our colleagues from Teyatenaneng in Berea and the LSPP offices in MAseru joined us for the mapping and for a hangout.

It was a great day, and certainly one where some more richness was added to the map of Lesotho. If anyone else wants to see what we did please find it in the Maseru City or Berea tasks.

Diny and Tshedy at the Maseru LSPP offices

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