Portmarnock's #MapLesotho Champions prepare to take Manilla by storm

10 August 2016 | debigc

Those Portmarnock kids are at it again, #MapLesotho is the rocket fuel to bring them to The Philippines in Asia.

As mentioned before they were national champions at the Young Social Innovators contest this year, beating off opposition from every corner of Ireland with the pitch, and purpose and track record of philanthropy to be the best of 450 projects in the prestigious school award.

Now as title holders of the Young Social Innovators of the Year 2016, Global Citizens – Mapping the Future who are from Portmarnock Community School, Dublin, will represent Ireland in the prestigious youth entrepreneur contest, the SAGE World Cup in Manila this week.

ffb8574f-d4fb-4ef0-af42-087b02a810ba Press Call at T2 on Departure

Today they flew off on the first, and very long leg of their flight to the competition venue. Before leaving there was a press meeting, and then they rushed off to bring their message about Lesotho, Mapping and getting active with digital philanthropy. They say it their own way, and words on a blog can’t even capture the way that’s done, and done well as everyone wants to join in the mapping when they say it.

We are all very proud of them, win lose or any outcome at all they have taken what they believe in halfway around the world. Their School has probably not seen such an interpid bunch, especially ones that have travelled so far with their school blazers on, during the holidays!

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