Winners of Analysis month - QN Analysis Kombat

02 September 2016 | rustyb

It is with great pleasure I can announce today that QN Analysis Kombat team conmprising Fifi, Montshy and Stanley are the well deserving winners of the #MapLesotho Analysis competition.

The competition was based around a series of challanges that gradually increased in difficulty.

The purpose of this competition is to create a profile of an area of your choice in Lesotho. The best profile will take up an issue and quantify how big the problem is, and possibly how big the solution(s) need to be.

Their study area comprised the entire district of Qacha’s Nek can be seen below:

The QN team triumphed in being the only team to complete the challange in time. While the other 2 teams continue their work to complete their profiles.

You can examine the full results from QN Analysis Kombat on their project github repo -> You will see they’ve prepared a few mardown documents to display their results along side documented SQL queries to run if you wish to repeat their research.

They’ve still got a little work to do to display their results as a final report, but please do see The general notes where they’ve highlighted interesting issues enroachment of non compatiable land uses, lack of green space and issues with political influence.

Stay tuned for more analysis themed posts, we’ve got plenty in the pipline between now and February.

In case you didn't notice #MapLesotho is on github, stop by and say hi!
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