#MapLesotho Month by the Numbers

06 July 2016 | debigc

This is a glance back at the month of June, where a special extra effort was made to take on the second wave of #MapLesotho mapping task.

25 mapping days in the month, including Saturdays and three overlapping days

12 different venues in Lesotho

82 Basotho Mappers played their part

31 new Basotho mappers recruited

51 crowdsourcers from various countries joined in

980,759 nodes created or modified, this is a 7% increase on the work before now

2,000,000 node woman, Tshedy hit the landmark on the 21st of June

266,312 nodes for team Quthing, Lesotho’s hottest mapping district

1,210 HOTOSM task manager tiles marked “done”

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