June mapping days 15 and 16: Land Survey team doing it for #MapLesotho

24 June 2016 | mavikn

“Ten Districts and one City”…. so we being the Land Survey and Physical Planning Division (LSPP) of the Ministry we chose Maseru City, which is this task:


MASERU CITY task #1944

On Thursday the 23rd June,  #MapLesotho training commenced with training on the basic editing tools on ID editor. We used that one before. This was done on the first part of the day. The LSPP team seemed to learn fast, so much that after lunch an introduction was done in JOSM. We agreed with the trainers Lineo Mothae and Tshedy Thobei that we will work on grasping the tools the first day and we will map intensively on the second day.

[gallery ids=”3339,3334,3340,3385” type=”rectangular”]

Come the second day and we mapped and mapped and it was faster. We managed to move from the 6% that was there on the first day to 17%.

The other members of the team who were not able to attend this training because they were on another assignment, joined us just before knock off because they felt they missed out in the mapping and fun these two days.

In these two days there was so much fun. We know we are helping our country and lifting up our profession. Our Minister is enabling us to get more partnership and expertise from our friends in Fingal. We are are very “mappy” to do this until the job is done and the map is perfect.

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