#MapLesotho reaches the mountains of Thaba Tseka

14 June 2016 | kaymapzie


Cold, but not cool :)

On the 12th Sunday of June 2016, the modem headed from Maseru to Thaba Tseka on very unpleasant weather conditions- snow being expected to fall on that Sunday evening and Monday. the mood was very high for the Thaba Tseka Apps for the two day mapathon despite weather conditions. the district council with its procurement office was very supportive, it booked accommodation and meals for APPs coming from very far flung community councils for the two days of mapping.

Monday 13th June 2016- the journey began. seven APPs took part in #MapLesotho. briefing on what OSM is was done by Khahliso and new three APPs were signed up. everything went well even though network signal was disconnecting from time to time due to poor weather conditions. To make it more fun, every APP was allowed to map at their designated community councils using ID editor. with the group of APPS being dominated by males, it was much fun as they were sharing very funny jokes, sharing their experiences of driving in snow covered roads and funny things they encounter from their clients at the community councils. for this day the mapping percentage for Thaba Tseka went from 8% to 11%


Signing up for Openstreetmap

Tuesday 14th- Mapping continued with JOSM being introduced. two more APPs joined. a very good turn up indeed. these were two mappers who were long signed up but sadly abandoned their mapping skills. Everyone was excited, made promises that they will continue mapping especially on Sundays as one of the networks offers unlimited data bundles on Sundays! At lunchtime we made a snowman to (hmmm) increase our team building skills…….


Khahliso and the hardy bucks who made the snowman

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