#MapLesotho Month: Day 5, Maseru

08 June 2016 | pick7828

The modem made it to Maseru on the evening of the 6th of June. It was brought by Tlalane, who was also mapping in Mafeteng on the previous mapping day.


The Modem (circled) ready for action before the mappers arrive at Maseru District Council

I was the only experienced mapper here today. While Tlalane is a growing mapper and a couple of the other people have seen mapping it was down to me to explain the task instructions and also set up most of the other people with accounts and the basic understanding of ID editor.

We started off by taking split tiles and also tiles at the edge of the task since we neither need to map outside Lesotho, nor do we need to map pieces of other districts in our squares.

Along with myself and Tlalane, Marama, Itumeleng, Thakane, Makhosi, Mamatsepe, and Bohlokoa. After a while in the heated room we decided to go outside and dabb, latest dance move inspired by these women’s kids. Being exclusively Basotho ladies we had our own special jokes about the missing men - none of them showed up. We also joked about the primary school years when we missed meanings in the play songs, sometimes we sang something completely different; ‘pusty’ for ‘pause’

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The modem will stay here at Maseru tomorrow. We got the task to 7% done and e want to double that before we hand the modem north again to Berea. I am hoping to blog again tomorrow.

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