Funky sounds of #MapLesotho

25 March 2016 | debigc

Readers of the blog who have never encountered #MapLesotho and it’s humans up close may not realise that it has a sound, a series of sounds perhaps… and has had these sounds for several years.

I thought I might just share some of these sounds with you, though I am only able to clearly remember the 2016 tunes that were played in Lesotho.

At the beginning of setting up the training room each day we would first connect the blue tooth speaker. And as the trainees filed in they were greeted by Madonna, doing the perfect upbeat warm up for a day of work with hung up.. and a nice Swedish sample in the song for our resident DJ Oskido to appreciate.

Another tune that made its way into the fabric of #MapLesotho was the chart hit “how deep is your love” from Calvin Harris, a Rusty Broderick favourite, with its catchy beat and repetitious lyric.

Then the trainees had their preferences. A good tune to let wash over you is Mafikizolo’s Happiness, quintessentially Southern African offering. This one got played for Lineo, Fifi, Khahliso and Hipzo in the Qilane suite as they practiced their markdown skills.

Another #MapLesotho anthem from DJ Jimi Jules reflects the effort to always be “pushing on”

Where would we be without electro-crooners Maroon5 and their song all about Maps? This one got played in the great Mapillary journey to  Qacha’s Nek.

Last but not least the infamous Rusty favourite for #MapLesotho .. played at the end of every training.. “the final countdown”. We’ve done a good job of explaining kitsch in Lesotho. We needed to for these Swedish crooners:

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