40% left to go on the Rural Task

26 October 2014 | rusty1052

It was just before 1am on Sunday morning that #MapLesotho Rural task hit **60% complete! **

That means only 40% to go….the clock ticks down!

[#MapLesotho](https://twitter.com/hashtag/MapLesotho?src=hash) as promised... 60% done [@ActionIreland](https://twitter.com/ActionIreland) [@rusty1052](https://twitter.com/rusty1052) [@iridium](https://twitter.com/iridium) [@DaCor_ie](https://twitter.com/DaCor_ie) [@josephcorr](https://twitter.com/josephcorr) [@dllsbrd](https://twitter.com/dllsbrd) [@prfnv](https://twitter.com/prfnv) — Ciaran Staunton (@CiaranStaunton) [October 25, 2014](https://twitter.com/CiaranStaunton/status/526160256775516160)

Tweet from @debigc of the milestone.60% #MapLesotho Complete

Keep up the good work!

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